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Company Ethos

Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction through everlasting business relationships that grow and develop over time, with the focus of creating a relationship based on trust.

Our management and servicing team seek to earn loyalty by providing products and services of exceptional standards, resulting in long-standing relationships with customers and users.

Ultimately it is our responsibility to protect you, your people, property, and assets. We take our responsibility seriously, and we strive to ensure that you have the trust in us to undertake this responsibility.





The importance of annual fire extinguisher maintenance by 'Competent Persons'.

It is a legal requirement to have your fire extinguishers serviced on an annual basis. Fire Extinguishers are first-aid appliances intended for use in fighting fires. Their value depends on operational conditions which can be monitored by efficient and thorough yearly maintenance.

We are a Fire Rescue Department certificated company attending training courses as required to comply with EFEIS standard which satisfies the requirements of MS Standard to service Fire Extinguishers.


With the many changes in legislation, it is becoming an increasingly daunting task to keep abreast of the legal requirements associated with the protection of you, your staff, and premises.


Through the pages of our website, we aim to provide an insight into our company's capabilities and to assist you to understand your legal responsibilities.

We hope you find our website informative. Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.


When you are keeping premises safe from fire, you need good detection equipment.

If a fire is detected, you need to have good equipment to fight it, such as extinguishers through to fire fighting system.

If a fire takes hold, you need good signage to guide your employees safely to the assembly points, away from danger.

SRi Setia sells a wide range of equipment to aid you in the complete fire protection your business needs. You will find links to other pages listing extinguishers, fire detectors, equipment, accessories, and signage to aid you in your choice. Once you have made your choice, ring us on the number at the top of every page on the site or go to our contact page and email us with your requirements.